Thursday, April 26, 2007

Stockholm 155m from above

We have just finished a two-day quarterly conference with our department at work. It’s been a productive team meeting but we also got the opportunity to visit the hub of all TV and radio transmission in Sweden, the Kaknäs Tower (brief info in English here) and get a guided tour by Teracom, the state-owned company who manages all the terrestrial TV and radio broadcasting in the country. The reason for the visit was a presentation on Mobile TV so it was good to see how “regular TV” is distributed. The Kaknäs Tower also has a restaurant and café up there and we had a nice dinner with the whole team there last night.

No – we’re not sisters! The red-haired lady to the right is my colleague Agnes :-)

The Kaknäs Tower was built in the 1960’s and is located on Gärdet, part of the Östermalm area in Stockholm. It is a 30-story high (155 meters) building with a fantastic view over Stockholm City and its surroundings – see photos below. The tower has its name after a medieval village called Kaknäs which was located here once.


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Lena Dahlenborg said...

Ni ser faktiskt ut som systrar, du och Agnes, har inte tänkt på det förrän jag såg bilden. Det var kul att träffa er alla förra veckan, vi ses snart igen!